Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pluggable password strength checking for your servers
pam_passwdqc is a simple password strength checking module for PAM-aware password changing programs, such as passwd(1). In addition to checking regular passwords, it offers support for passphrases and can provide randomly generated ones. All features are optional and can be (re-)configured without rebuilding.
You may view the latest README and PLATFORMS files (both are also included in the archive below).
pam_passwdqc 1.0.2 and its signature
These files are also available via FTP.
Follow this link for information on verifying the signatures.
We may help you integrate pam_passwdqc into your OS installs, please check out our services.
pam_passwdqc has been integrated into FreeBSD 5.
pam_passwdqc is used on Owl, distributions by ALT Linux team, and ASPLinux. Additionally, it is a part of Debian GNU/Linux, SuSE Linux, and very recent versions of Red Hat Linux.
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Support further work on this software with donations.
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