Thursday, July 14, 2005

The admin tools
Many pay site webmasters have admin areas , to which only they have access. There, they can manage accounts,such as create new and delete old passwords ect.
Very often these admin areas are not within a password protected area . The webmasters think no-one would know the url of their admin tools. However the url is sometimes easy to crack becouse it often has titles such as
these are just examples , one could try out ither possible combonations. Anyone accessing the admin site has complete control to add as many passwords as one would like

Anonymous surfing
Several hackers surf anonymously in the internet,and order for items or use pay services useing fake credit card info. but the thing to remember is the ip address should not be classifiable. You manage this by connecting an anonymous proxy within your system . This is applied as any normal proxy that offers ISP. The only difference is that the proxy used is overseas , and the hackers are aware that the owners of such a proxy do not keep log files on the user.

The enemy is ignorance!

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