Friday, July 22, 2005

EASY STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS!-------------------------------How to make a backup/larger Xbox drive with DiskPro Lite?1. CABLE SWITCH TRICK:a.Plug a power plug from your pc into your xbox hd and fire up your computer. b.Right when it starts booting up, start pressing the Pause Break key and do not let it detect your drives. c.Make sure the IDE cable is going from the xbox to the HD and turn on the xbox. d.Wait for the Xbox to get to the dashboard (fully booted)e.Unplug the ribbon cable that is going from the Xbox HD and replace it with one that is connected to your computer. f.Now, press a key (some times CTRL-Q is needed) to allow your computer to continue booting.2. COPY THE DRIVE TO ANOTHER DRIVE (SAME SIZE OR LARGER)!a.Download DiskPro Lite from "". You want to download the DPCR.EXE file. b.Execute the DPCR.EXE file to extract the files from it. c.Format a BOOTABLE DOS floppy. Copy the diskpro.exe file to the floppy. d.Boot your PC with the newly made floppy in the drive. e.At the DOS prompt type ``diskpro'' and hit enter (no quotes) f.Use the Quick Copy option g.Select your source drive h.Select your destination drive i.Make sure the above choices are correct before starting the copy j.Relax while the drive is copied to a new drive.k.If you need to use DiskPro again delete the hidden file it creates on your A and C drive named DOSFIT.DSK3. FIX THE PARTITIONS UP (ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ADDED A LARGER HD):a.You need to flash your BIOS to EvolutionX v2.2 or If your using a Homebrew chip such as a 29F040B split in to 512k chunks. The EvolutionX v2.2 BIOS is on the EvolutionX ISO floating around. To split the BIOS use Windows Commander or a program like that. Now Flash the 512k BIOS flash your Homebrew chip. More info on flashing and splitting can be found at don't know how people with other mods are going to do this. b.Put the new HD in the XBox as MASTERc.Bootup using EvolutionX (on HD or DVD-R doesn't matter)d.FTP to your Xbox (use EvolutionX to get your IP if you don't know it)e.format just partition 6:ie: FTP COMMAND: Formatpath \Device\Harddisk0\Partition6You will receive a key. Use this key to type:FTP COMMAND: Formatdrive keyYOUR ALL DONE. YOU SHOULD HAVE A CLEAN, BACKED UP (AND MAYBE LARGER DEPENDING ON YOUR DRIVE) XBOX!!!!NOTES:* You might want to look at your drive space using EvolutionX before you start so you can see the difference.* This is risky. If you do anything wrong (and sometimes just because) you could lose your HD or Xbox MB making your XBox worthless.* You will need to know the basics of PC's to do this. How to setup new HD's (master/slave), how to FTP, how to follow instructions.* You will need the EvolutionX BIOS to format the partition.* This has been tested a few times on my system.

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