Friday, July 22, 2005

Burn copy protected discs at your own risk!!!

You must have dvd decrypter and dvd shrink you should be able to find a copy on the net.
to burn protected dvd's -
dvd decrypter
1- open dvd derypter and put the copy protected dvd in the drive.
2- make sure your source drive is selected ass your dvd drive.
3- click on decrypt and wait for it to finish decrypting.
4- now you are finished. take the dvd out of the drive
if your blank dvd is smaller in size than the
dvd you are copying, open up dvd shrink.
dvd shrink is used to shrink the size of the dvd, basicly saying it will
compress the files to fit a smaller disk than the ariginal.
(ie) 7.56gb to 4.7gb.

dvd shrink
1- open dvd shrink
2- click on open files, find the file called VIDEO_TS witch will be in the dir of a folder with the
same name as the movie you are copying, this folder was created by dvd decrypter and in
defoult location can be found in Local Disk (c:)
3- now click on backup, choose choose your dvd burner, then click on the burn settings tab
and name the Volume Label the name of the movie you are burning, then click OK at the
bottom of the window. after encoding is complete the burning process will start. when done
your dvd will eject from the drive. then click ok.
4- your done, you have now created a very close to perfact copy of a copy protected dvd. Drizzt

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