Monday, March 27, 2006

How to copy an xbox game to your hard drive from a DVD using boxplorer launched from evolutionx

First you need to make sure that the game does not automatically load up from your evolutionx menu. (You cant copy a game while you play it)** :
1. Turn on your xbox WITHOUT a DVD in the drive.2. Highlight “system utilities” and press “a”(the green button)3. Highlight “settings” and press “a” 4. Scroll down the option until you find “auto launch games” and press “a” 5. Select “no” and press “a”6. Scroll down to “save and exit” and press “a”7. Reset your xbox WITHOUT a DVD in the drive (turn it off and then on again).
You should now be looking at the main evolutionx menu again; you should not notice anything different, now we can prepare a space to put the game in :
1. Put the game in the DVD drive and wait for the green light on the front of the xbox to stop flashing (you may also notice some writing on the screen change to “game” to acknowledge that there is indeed a game in the drive)2. Highlight “launch menu” and press “a”3. Highlight “apps” and press “a”4. Highlight “boxplorer” and press “a”5. Press Right trigger on control pad (you will notice the “A” change to “B” in the top right corner)6. Press the white button on the controller (this brings up the menu options)7. Highlight “select drive” and press “a”8. Highlight “e:\device\harddisk0\partition1” and press “a”9. Highlight “games” and press “a”10. Press the white button (menu options)11. Highlight “new folder” and press “a”12. Follow the onscreen instructions and “new folder” to whatever your game is called (this is only for reference and does not have to be exact)
You should now be looking at a screen with yellow writing: “new folder” (in) e:\games :
1. Follow the onscreen instructions to accept the new folder2. Press “a”3. Highlight your new folder and press “a” (the writing a the top of the screen should read “e:\games\nameofyourgame\”4. Press the left trigger (you will notice the letter in the top right hand corner turn from “B” to “A”)5. Press the white button6. Highlight “select drive” and press “a”7. Select “d:\device\cdrom0” and press “a”8. Press the white button9. Highlight “mark all” and press “a”10. Press the white button11. Highlight “Copy” and press “a”12. Follow the onscreen instructions
Your xbox will now be busy for the next 15-40 min or so depending on your drive speed and the size of the game, so don’t switch it off until its finished, it WILL tell you its finished within the hour.Congratulations you’re done! You can now reset your xbox and launch the game from the evolution x dashboard without the DVD in the drive!*Deleting a game and switching on auto load is an exact reversal of these instructions (remember if you delete the wrong thing you will bugger up your xbox and someone will have to fix it for you**Some evolutionx menu settings may vary, so use your judgment.***Use these instructions at your own risk

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