Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wireless network completion !!!

I started a small buisness about 6 months ago with a friend who goes by the handle r4mbl3r . A very gifted x-hacker . We decided to try to make a $ from networking and pc repair . I really was not as skilled as r4mbler but he has taken the time to teach me about networking and all that goes with hacking cracking and programming . I thank GOD for introducing him to me , we are now best friends . He is the only true friend I have ever had . well , we started out small doing this and that nothing big . We finally picked up a large account . That means money the main part of any buisness . We both agreed not to get greedy ( greed - the root to all evil in my experiences ) Well , this job was no ordinary network . The first problem was another company out of New York started the job and could not make it work . So we got a word from the inside about the situation and sent them a buisness card and later recieved a call . We had the job if we wanted it , they sued the other company for around $12,000 plus what ever they lost in the year that the network was down . Yeah a year , long time huh , I thought so too.
The first thing that we decided to do was to charge $120 for diagnostics , to see what needed to be done to get it right . We came up with E.M.I. ( electromagnetic interference) there were 24 wireless access points/bridges that were installed above old intercome speaker covers , the speakers were long gone . But what the other company failed to notice was that, the ap/bridges were 1 or 2 feet from very high voltage lighting ( 277 v / 480v ) to be exact and up above the cieling in a mess of conduit water lines and you name it . So we decided to pull them out of the cieling and mount them in 8x8 pvc boxs to defeat this problem . I had second thoughts about this idea and wanted to start over with outside antennas . 3 on each side of the building so you would get a signal through the windows versus trying to push a wireless signal through concrete steal and god knows what else , by the way this is a 2 story hotel with the AP/bridges only downstairs on the first level . Well I decided to trust R4mbl3rs knowledge and go full force with his idea backing him up 100% . We ll to my satisfaction this worked ! We were now able to get a signal any where in the building. Well there were actually 2 buildings connected by a small breeze way the second building was linked by a wireless repeater . For some reason this was not working so we hard wired bith buildings making a solid back bone for the wireless A.P./bridges to branch off of . Every thing was working great .
Well we decided to let them use the system for a couple days before we asked for our second payment of $2400.00 . Well I dont know who it was but somebody started unpluging wires to one of the large switches that enabled the Network to be so large . Every time we would go there after a call from a super Bitch front desk jockey we would find a wire loose or unpluged . So what do you do about this ? I told the manager what was going on . But he would not believe me.
Well after several calls it stoped and we got our $$. I thought they were testing our service ability or just to see if we would come back to do repairs when needed .
This was about 2 months ago .We were called back to set up some servers for web pages and splash pages,DNS redirect ect. ect.
After completion the same thing started to happen . Well this time it was a little difrent in nature. The whole system would be down when I got there and of course NO ONE touched it .
After 2 weeks of this BS I demanded the equipment be locked up. He finally did .
We finally got payed the other day $5050.
A big sum of money for a small company . We might be geting another big job soon . VERY VERY BIG!!!! Im a little scared but my friend reasures me that we can do it ( 30 service vans with labtops , stands , radios , antennas , short-wave radios , G.P.S. , and satellite uplinks for all of them . Not to mention the servers, central office and dispatcher . ) Sheww....... thats alot of work for 2 men but this should put us on the map .
Our buisness is called Netslingers .....

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog .


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